About the Project

The need to transform education has never been greater. Today’s learners are demanding change - change in the way learning happens and change in their learning environments. Most education systems have a vision for a dynamic and diverse school system, in which each school is committed to the pursuit of excellence for every child, and with the main drive for improvement increasingly coming from within the school itself. The e-Hijrah Whole School ICT Development (WSID) Project is designed to develop the processes, practices and skills of school leaders and teachers to develop and manage a strong culture of ICT. The project explores the following:


Whole School Approach to ICT Development

Goal: To provide an approach to achieving continual school improvement and sustained adaptive change in the adoption and use of ICT, digital age literacy and 21st century pedagogies, in all schools.


Student Digital-Age Literacy

Goal: Develop a shared and common set of standards-based Digital-Age Literacies.


21st Century Learning and Teaching

Goal: To develop a common and shared understanding of 21st century pedagogies and to link these to ICT in order to maximise the contribution of ICT to learning.


Teacher ICT Competency

Goal: Develop an ICT Competency Standard Framework for teachers so that ICT confident and capable teachers purposefully use ICT to support learning based on 21st century pedagogies and digital literacy.


School Leader ICT Capability

Goal: To increase School Leaders Capability to use ICT in their professional practice.


The project will include 20 prototype schools for the first phase (2013-2014) and follow this development path:


These processes, practices, and resources will then be able to support Whole School ICT transformation in every school in Brunei Darussalam over the next few years and as a result all schools will be equipped with the capabilities and the tools to develop a state of sustained adaptive change. 

The WSID project will be supported by Imagine Education. Find out more about the company here: www.imagineeducation.net.

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About the Project


About the Project


About the Project


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